A green printer for coffee drinkers

The RITI printer is an eco-friendly printer based on the concept of a
new ink system. We focused on the ink cartridge since it is one of the
problems when using a printer: it’s often difficult to replace, costly
to refill, and can stain your hands if mishandled.

The RITI printer uses coffee or tea dregs. The user places the coffee
or tea dregs into the ink case located on the top of the printer, then
insert a piece of paper in the middle. Moving the ink case left and
right will print your image, and as you draw on the paper, dregs
inscript on the paper just like ink.ritiprinter

Using coffee or tea dregs as ink saves the cost buying ink, the burden
of wasted things, and users’ work. Furthermore, since the user moves
the ink case in order to make a print, the device doesn’t need
electricity. Of course, you can smell a whisper of coffee or tea
incense from the paper printed by RITI.


1. Insert a paper in the middle of the printer
2. Put the coffee or tea dregs into the ink case on the top of the printer
3. Move the ink case left and right as you draw on a paper
4. When the print finishes, pull out the paper from the printer and wash the ink case

(Source-Greener Gadgets Design Competition)

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