Ink and Toner Cartridges…More Than Simply Refilled

At CW San Diego we fully guarantee all of our products to meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards of performance.  In order to reach this level of quality all CWSD products are fully remanufactured, not simply refilled.

Foremost, we only use ink and toners that are specifically designed for each printer model.  All printer inks and toners are different on a molecular level.  The use of “generic” or “universal” inks and toner can result in a myriad of problems ranging from poor print quality to damaged internal print heads.

The CWSD laser printer cartridge remanufacturing process involves the full replacement of all applicable parts and components.  Integral parts such as microchips, drums, blades, rollers, wipers, and magnetic sleeves are fully replaced.  If these internal components are not replaced, the cartridge can fail mechanically before the toner is depleted.

All inkjet cartridges remanufactured by CWSD undergo a thorough cleaning and reconditioning process prior to being refilled.  First, empty cartridges are processed through a centrifuge to clean out any remaining ink.  Secondly, print heads are reconditioned in order to facilitate proper ink flow from the cartridge.  Where applicable, cartridge microchips are replaced or reset.

By adhering to strict quality control standards and a complete remanufacturing process CWSD is able to offer consumers a product that meets OEM performance at an average savings of 35 to 40 percent.  Additionally, because we maintain a vast inventory of remanufactured cartridges, CWSD customers save time by exchanging their empty cartridges for fully remanufactured and tested products with no waiting.

Since 2003 customers throughout San Diego County have learned to count on CWSD to deliver high quality laser and inkjet printer cartridges at a substantial savings over OEM products.  If you are among the thousands of current CWSD customers, we would like to thank you for your continued patronage.  If you are new to CWSD we look forward to hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to earn your business.