Canon 210/ 210XL and 211/211XL

We now have inks and weights for the Canon 210 and 211 series cartridges.

Pricing for refilled cartridges in this series is:

  • PG-210 blk  $11.99
  • CL-211 color  $14.99
  • PG-210XL  $14.99
  • CL-211XL  $18.99

At present we have a couple of cores on-hand that we were able to resuscitate, but most of those we had collected have sat empty too long for us to reuse. We would encourage you to bring in your freshly emptied cartridges for us to refill. You may have to wait 10-15 minutes but you’re more likely to get a cartridge that works. Eventually we’ll build up a backstock of these and have them available for purchase in quantity.

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