CW San Diego pricing

We are able to offer refilled ink, remanufactured toner cartridges and compatibles at anywhere from 30-50% below retail prices for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges.

We’re able to do this by recycling the outer cartridge shell, which we refer to as a core.

With the exception of compatible cartridges, when you buy a refilled/remanufactured cartridge from us, the only remaining original part of the cartridge is the core. Ink cartridges have had all the remaining ink flushed out and have been completely refilled to the original levels with ink specially formulated by our own technicians to match, as closely as legally possible, the ink used by the manufacturer. Laser cartridges are dismantled and all the worn interior blades, rollers and drum are replaced with quality third-party parts. All the original toner is cleaned out and replaced with toner which, like the ink we use, performs just as well as the original. All cartridges are then tested before being offered for sale and guaranteed once you purchase them.

amfinestcityBy recycling the core, we are also able to keep thousands of empty cartridges from being sent to San Diego landfills. This has no impact on the cost of the cartridge, but has a profound impact on the quality of life in America’s Finest City.

When you purchase a cartridge from us without an exchange, we often have to add an additional fee to the price in order for us to buy another cartridge from a local wholesaler. This fee can run from $1 in the case of most inkjet cartridges to $10 for a few exotic laser cartridges. In some cases we are unable to get cartridges from wholesalers or through the recycling drives we sponsor in local schools, churches and community organizations. (Please contact us if you are interested in earning money for your school or organization by holding a cartridge recycling event.) This is another good reason for you to keep your empty cartridges and bring them with you when you shop with us. We may need to refill your empty cartridge if we don’t have any on hand.

Recently we had to raise the price of several cartridges by a dollar or so to cover increased ink, toner and parts costs. We regret this but the rising costs of goods is hitting all of us. We promise to always provide you with the best possible price while ensuring we make at least enough profit to stay in business.

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