Cartridge World ‘Refills’ Its Commitment to Earth Day

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Via FranchiseWire:

As a mountain of e-waste continues to steadily form throughout our nation’s landfills, Cartridge World reinforces its commitment to environmental awareness by saluting Earth Day on April 22 and joining the millions Americans across the country in creating eco-friendly choices for consumers and businesses alike.

“With Earth Day fast approaching, now is the perfect time of year to remind consumers of the ways to create a ‘green’ home and work environment,” said Steven Yeffa, President of Cartridge World Americas. “Recycling programs for cans, bottles and papers are mainstream, but few realize the additional impact they can make by reusing and refilling printer ink cartridges.”

“With our continued commitment to recycling, we look forward to the day when reusing and refilling cartridges is as common as separating waste materials in our homes,” Yeffa added, estimating that Cartridge World will keep nine million cartridges out of landfills this year.

Cartridge World recommends the following tips for an environmentally friendly home office/business:

Reuse & refill empty ink jet and toner cartridges

Use rewriteable CDs and DVDs so they can be reused again

Print double sided

Decrease margin areas to fit more copy on a page

Double-check your drafts before you print

Communicate with team members about who will bring printouts to meetings

Turn off all electrical equipment at night

In keeping with its dedication to implement green practices, Cartridge World has developed numerous programs to make recycling printer cartridges easier for consumers and businesses. In conjunction with this year’s observance of Earth Day, Cartridge World has launched a “Recycle it @ Cartridge World” campaign that encourages consumers to recycle printer cartridges and cell phones at participating stores. All collections will be sent to Clover Technologies Group, the largest collector and recycler of cartridges and cell phones, to be broken down and reused into other products.

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