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Mashable is a site I read nearly every day. It always has great tips for bloggers and web content producers.

Mark Suster,  a Partner at GRP Partners, a Venture Capital firm in Los Angeles, posted an article today that should be read and considered by every SOHO business person. He offers good points to ponder if you’re involved with or considering starting a blog for your business. Below are his primary points, but you really should read the full article.

1. Be authentic

You need to find a “voice” that is authentically yours.

2. Be transparent

The best way to establish your voice is to be transparent. Be willing to talk like a human being.

3. Get inside your readers’ minds

…you need to think about who is in the audience and what they want to hear.

4. Solicit feedback

…the best way to build an audience over time is to engage with them…

5. Don’t be offensive or take big public risks

…unless your company revolves around taking stands on controversial issues, it’s best to leave your political commentary at home.

6. Have fun

if writing a blog becomes a chore for you it will show.

You might want to sign up to follow Mashable on Google Buzz or Twitter or Friendfeed (they practice what they preach) so you can keep up on what’s happening on the networked web.

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