Economic reality and refilled cartridges

The recent downturn in the economy here in the U.S. has caused most of us to revise and tighten our budgets. We have to reconsider what is necessary and what’s a luxury. Of course food, gas, and bills must still be paid or purchased. We still need a place to live, to eat, to drive. But do we need to print?

Perhaps we can avoid printing as much as we once did, but there are times the answer is “yes, I need to print this”.

One solution is to install the GreenPrint software mentioned here. This will help eliminate excess, worthless pages being printed which conserves both ink and paper.

Another potential money-saver would be to consider switching from an inkjet printer to a personal laser printer. Small footprint laser printers can be found for under $100 and a laser cartridge will provide 10 times the number of pages than an inkjet printer. Samsung, HP and Brother all manufacture small laser printers suitable for those of us who print only forms and other black-on-white forms. If you are printing pictures or colored images a laser printer most likely won’t fit your needs.

The most obvious solution to cutting your printing costs is to purchase your cartridges from Cartridge World. We refill and remanufacture our cartridges to the OEM specifications and test them prior to putting them out for sale. We guarantee everything we sell for the life of the cartridge. On average our inkjet cartridges will save you 30% to 50% off the price of OEM cartridges, while you will save between 30% to 40% off OEM prices for laser cartridges.

One final thought. By recycling your cartridges with Cartridge World you’re not only saving yourself money but you’re also helping keep your used cartridges from clogging up our landfill. Every day thousands of perfectly reusable cartridges are thrown away because people don’t realize there’s a viable alternative to spend big bucks on OEM cartridges. This is an ecological and financial waste.

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