GreenPrint software

GreenPrint’s patent-pending software is a simple idea, but it solves a problem nearly everyone can relate to: The ubiquitous wasted page. This is the page with just a URL, banner ad, legal disclaimer, etc. These wasted pages occur many times a day littering homes and offices around the world and wasting money, trees, and time.

After installation you will notice that you have a new printer called GreenPrint, this will automatically become the default printer. To use GreenPrint simply print the document as usual using GreenPrint as your printer. If for any reason you want to bypass the GreenPrint filter, and print directly to the printer, you can simply select your desired printer in the application from which you are printing.

You can create a PDF file of the document simply by clicking on the PDF button on the GreenPrint Toolbar.

GreenPrint requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework, which can be downloaded from Microsoft.

The average user will save about $90 a year in paper and ink. Save paper, save ink, save a whole lot more.

In an effort to end wasteful printing worldwide, GreenPrint World is available at no cost to home users around the globe. With widespread use we will save over 100 million trees and reduce greenhouse gasses by over 300 million tons.

You can upgrade to the faster, advertising- free GreenPrint Home Premium for only $35.00.

Learn more and download the free version of this utility here.

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