Changes at Cartridge World San Diego

We are making a few changes in the store.

In case you haven’t come by lately, we’re changing the space allocations in the front part of our store. We’ve moved the counter forward, which means you don’t have to walk 30 feet for service and we have a whole lot more room to work in. Our redesign isn’t complete yet, but all the work ahead is on our side of the counter, so you shouldn’t be inconvenienced by that at all.

The other big change is our switch over to a new and better POS (point of sale) register system. This is a major change for us, the software on this system is completely different from our old, Windows 98 based system. We face a steep learning curve, and while we’ve made every effort to educate ourselves on this new system before implementing it, we couldn’t anticipate every possible glitch. As a result we’re learning on the job.

After a week or so we all should be much more proficient with the new register than we are right now. We do apologize for any inconvenience or delay we might cause you as we figure out our new setup. In the end we’ll be able to provide more services to you with this system than we were able to before.

For instance, if you’d like to be included on the mailing list for our monthly newsletter just let us know via email or the next time you stop by the store. We can create a customer profile that includes your email address. Be assured, our customer information goes no further than our own store. We do not share customer information with anyone, not a third party or even Cartridge World USA. It resides solely on our own hard drive. I have been involved with internet security for several years, and I would not assure you of your information’s security if we could not provide it.

I think you’ll enjoy our newsletter. Every month I share changes at CWSanDiego, new cartridges we can fill, I try to find new and interesting stories about printers and printing. Frequently I include tips and tricks you can use to make your home or office printing more economical and efficient and some months you’ll find a coupon for additional savings. Best of all, each issue offers the option to opt-out of future deliveries. We will never spam those who prefer to no longer receive our newsletter.

We agreed on a new look for this website as well. As long as we’re upgrading, let’s do it right. Let us know what you think. Constructive feedback is always welcome.


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