HP opens online store for web-connected printer

In June we posted a story about the latest HP printer technology, a printer that connects directly to the internet. The HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web, available soon in stores near you comes equipped with a 4.33″ touch-screen and the ability to surf the web like a miniature PC.

Now HP is announcing the opening of their “app store”, similar in nature to Apple’s app store for iPhones. You’ll be able to directly download applications for your printer like maps, weather reports and food and movie reviews. The apps will work with your printer, allowing you to print out movie tickets and dinner reservations. There will even be games you can download and print out.

Justin Yu at Cnet presents an over-view of HP’s app store and has posted a few screen shots as well.

In a similar fashion to Apple’s iPhone App store, HP’s version can also be accessed using the “Get More” button on the large 4.33-inch touch screen. I had a chance to preview the store in a live demo with HP and the layout is very simple, with small icons and a place to submit user ratings, reviews, and suggestions for future applications. The marketplace is already populated with several applications from HP’s partner companies. Some examples include:

  • Snapfish: View, edit (lightly), and print your snapshot photos
  • Google Maps: Print maps and directions
  • Fandango: Buy and print movie tickets
  • DreamWorks Animation: Print coloring pages and movie-themed games for the kids
  • Weathernews Inc: Print up-to-date weather information
  • Web Sudoku: Print out puzzles and games

HP also has the last piece of the puzzle in the form of the HP Software Developers Kit that will eventually give consumers and developers the tools to create their own Apps for submission to the App Studio. In the meantime, HP will continue to update the store with new apps throughout the year.

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