Intoducing the CW San Diego Community

CW San Diego is pleased to announce the grand opening of our forum, The CW San Diego Community.

We are providing the forum as a place for our customers and others who may be interested in learning more about ink and laser printers, as well as computers, to ask questions and share knowledge.

Initially we have set up categories based on the most frequent questions we are asked by our customers on a daily basis. Obviously most of the questions they have center around printers and cartridges, but since most printers are attached to computers, they frequently have questions regarding computers as well.

I have worked as a help desk tech for both Gateway computers and D-Link and have been involved in PC help forums for over 7 years. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned in that time, and a forum is the most practical method to accomplish that. You can search for a particular topic years after it was first posted. Topic titles make finding specific information much easier.

Some of you may have looked into forums before only to be turned off by the attitudes of the other members. There are may poorly moderated forums on the internet. We will do our best to make sure that our forum remains a family-friendly site where no one has to feel intimidated or hesitant to ask any question they have.

I hope any of you who are interested will check out our forum and join in the conversations. A forum is only as dynamic as its members, so for a while things may seem rather dull there. This will change with the addition of more members. Please invite your friends, family and co-workers to join up and become contributors.

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