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The number one cause of premature death in electronic devices is heat. The primary cause of heat is poor ventilation, a lack of airflow over the electronic circuitry. Lack of proper airflow is usually caused by improper maintenance and cleaning.

Allowing dust to build-up on fans and in ventilation ports prevents air from circulating properly, leading to excessive heat and an early death for electronic circuits. This is true for nearly every electronic device we use on a daily basis. Television sets, monitors, modems, routers, computers and even printers are all subject to overheating and early death if their ability to cool their electronic components is thwarted by dust-clogged ventilation ports and dirty fans.

It’s a good idea to wipe the dust and dirt off the exterior of a device’s ventilation ports at least once a month, more often if the device is in an especially dusty environment. Use canned air to blow dust off of fan blades and electronic circuits. Use a toothpick to hold the fan blades still while cleaning them. It’s not always good to allow the fan to spin up to a speed faster than usual when blowing it of with canned air. This can damage the motor and gears. Also, try to always blow toward the outside of the device. You may be creating further problems if you blow the dust and dirt into the case and onto the other components.

By keeping your electronic devices clean, you allow them to keep themselves cool and extend their lives as long as possible.

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