Malware alert: Gumblar

Windows Internet Explorer
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More than 1,500 Web Sites have been Attacked.
Severity: High Risk

What is it?
Gumblar is currently targeting users of IE and Google search, delivering malware through compromised sites that infect a user’s PC and subsequently intercepts traffic between the user and the visited sites. This means that once infected, anything the victim types could be monitored and used to commit identity theft, such as stealing credit card numbers, passwords or other sensitive data. Visitors encountering the compromised website also risk having their subsequent search results replaced with links that point to other malicious websites. The malware can also steal FTP credentials from the victim’s computer and use them to infect more sites, thus increasing the spread of this threat.

Who is at risk?
Users of Internet Explorer and Google’s search engine.

Make sure you anti-virus definitions are up-to-date and practice caution when sharing your personal information online. Make sure you only do so on secure sites (https://)

(information courtesy of Zone Alarm via Gmail)

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