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Today our site will be remodeled, we’re getting a whole new look.

The redesign has already taken a week of behind-the-scenes work and it’s now ready to install. However, in order to have our new style use the same URL ( as you’re used to, I have to take this site and our blog off-line and install our new site at this location, then make many adjustments to the new site.

This will likely take me most of the day.

So I beg your indulgence today. Don’t be discouraged if links are broken or the site looks terrible for a few hours. It’s only temporary. To the best of my abilities I’ll make the changeover as short and painless as possible. I encourage you to check back Thursday to see what we’ve done. As always, your comments and suggestions will be welcome.

Thank you for your patience. We are grateful for each and every person who visits our site. Our goal is to present you with an informative and easy-to-navigate site. We think our new design will accomplish that.

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