Printer or Program?

A client recently had a problem printing business cards with his Epson R322 photo printer. He was using Microsoft PictureIt Platinum 2002 in Windows XP Home to compose his design. When he sent the job to the printer, nothing happened.

He thought his printer was defective. We updated the drivers for his printer and then printed a test page successfully. We then tried printing a document stored on his hard drive and again it printed properly. We printed out an email. Then we went back and tried to send his business card job to the printer and it failed.

At this point we could say with confidence that the issue wasn’t with his printer but rather with the program he was using. MS PictureIt 2002 may need to be upgraded or reinstalled.

The lesson here is that the problems you experience might not originate where you first think. Troubleshoot printer problems starting with the most basic elements; is the machine properly plugged into both the power and the computer; is the printer recognized by the computer (is it listed in “Printers and Faxes” in Windows XP); have you installed the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website; can you print a test page or from another application? Eliminate the most basic possibilities first, then go on to more advanced troubleshooting .

And if all else fails, feel free to call us (858-581-9191). If we can’t help, we’ll be glad to recommend a trusted repair facility. Or maybe it’s time to start looking for a new printer.

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