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Ink-saving tips

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr Even though our customers are already saving money buy shopping at CW San Diego for their ink and toner needs, there’s always more we all could be doing to reduce our use … Continue reading

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5 things to keep in mind when buying a new printer

Image via Wikipedia There is no fixed season for new printer purchasing. Printer manufacturers don’t have any particular time of year set aside to introduce their new models. Some manufacturers introduce a new printer once a year, others bring out … Continue reading

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Canon 210/ 210XL and 211/211XL

We now have inks and weights for the Canon 210 and 211 series cartridges. Pricing for refilled cartridges in this series is: PG-210 blk  $11.99 CL-211 color  $14.99 PG-210XL  $14.99 CL-211XL  $18.99 At present we have a couple of cores … Continue reading

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Kodak’s claims challenged by printer manufacturers

Several times a week a customer will ask us our opinion of Kodak printers and cartridges. Honestly, we haven’t had an opinion to offer. We don’t refill Kodak cartridges due to their already low price and none of our customers … Continue reading

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HP issues a fill notice for #93 and #75 cartridges

The color mix in a small portion of HP 93 (C9361) and 75 (CB337) Tri-color Ink Cartridges is incorrect, with some color chambers being over filled and the balance under filled. Print quality is not affected, but depending upon individual … Continue reading

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Stuff we reuse

While it’s obvious we reuse ink and toner cartridges, other items we reuse on a daily basis might not be so obvious. I say that because it seems not too many of our customers return these items with their cartridges … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting tips for refilled ink cartridges

Reusing ink cartridges benefits both the environment and your pocketbook, but there can occasionally be an issue with a reused cartridge that causes it to not give out ink or fail to be noticed by your printer. The following tips … Continue reading

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Print a lot? Go XL

Many printer manufacturers these days are offering their customers an option when it comes to cartridge volume; newer printers often accept both low yield and high yield cartridges. High yield, sometimes labeled as XL, cartridges contain twice to three times … Continue reading

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Buy 4, Get 1 Free sale

Image by liewcf via Flickr As mentioned in a previous post, we recently had to raise some of our prices to reflect the increases in ink and laser cartridge prices charged to us by our suppliers. We understand that while … Continue reading

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Why we can’t pay top price for your unused OEMs

Image by dmscvan via Flickr Several times a week we get calls from folks asking if we’ll buy their unopened OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges. Usually it’s because they have been keeping a few backup cartridges on-hand. When their printer … Continue reading

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