Tax time is approaching

Just a reminder to all our tax preparer and tax paying customers, that time of year is fast approaching. tax-return

Before you start printing out forms and copies of your annual paperwork from 2008, check to be sure you have a full cartridges on-hand and a set of backups if you intend to do a fair amount of printing.

This is also back-to-school time for many students. They’ll be printing out assignments and homework and will need a set of backups as well. No one wants to run out of ink in the middle of a job or at 9PM at night.

We recommend keeping a spare set of cartridges on hand, stored in a cool, dark environment (and with low humidity in the case of laser cartridges).

There’s no need to spend the equivalent of the price of a new printer to have backup cartridges. Bring an empty set into our store and save up to 50% on the price of our guaranteed refills compared to the cost of new, OEM cartridges.

The tax man cometh. Be prepared.

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