These cartridges are empty!

Here’s an excerpt of an email we recently recieved that brings up an important point.hp-02-inkset-h24-c8721wn-se

A few days ago I bought “02″ cartidges for my HP Photosmart 8250.  When I returned home,   I immediately needed to install one of the black cartridges and one of the magenta cartridges.  The computer immediately indicated that these two cartridges were close to empty and needed to be replaced.  I checked the other cartridges I had just bought.  The  black and magenta cartridges were emply and the remaining were about half filled.

Evidently we failed to let the customer know to expect his printer to report the cartridges as being empty. We try to make sure anyone buying the HP 02 cartridges knows that they can expect this.


Because the small chip on the bottom of the cartridge is what resets the printer’s ink level indicator. When a new cartridge is first installed, the chip clears the memory of the indicator then burns out. We can buy and install replacement chips, but they cost $5 each. When that is added to our refill price for those cartridges, you might as well buy brand new ones since there’s only a few cents difference in price. To keep the cost down for our refilled cartridges, we don’t change the chip. The customer will have to judge based on print quality when the cartridge is out of ink.

Some people are uncomfortable with this. They depend on the printer’s ink level indicator (as inaccurate as it is) to let them know when to replace a cartridge. For these folks, buying new cartridges is currently the best solution.

If the price of these chips fall to a price point that will allow us to provide our customers with a less expensive alternative to new cartridges while still providing us with a bit of profit we’ll be purchasing them and rechipping all of our HP 02s.

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