Upgrading to Vista?

If you buy a new computer these days, most likely Windows Vista, their latest operating system, will be pre-installed.  Most of the offers I’ve seen are for computers with Vista Home Premium installed.  This is somewhat comparable to XP Home.  There are a variety of Vista versions to choose from.

But before you try to figure out which version best meets your needs, be sure all the components, hardware and software on your computer will work with Vista.

Go to microsoft .com and download their Vista Upgrade Advisor.  When you run this application, it will audit your system and let you know if your computer can be effortlessly upgraded to Vista, or if you’re going to be replacing parts and losing applications.

Vista is a major change from XP, and many hardware vendors are offering Vista-ready patches on their websites.  If your printer drivers are not Vista certified, check with the website of your printer manufacturer to see if newer drivers are available.  If you use an older laser printer or parallel-port inkject, your printer may not be supported under Vista.

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