World’s first web-connected printer

Looking to make the wild and not-entirely-wondrous world of printers exciting for the first time in decades, HP has just unveiled the “world’s first web-connected printer.” If you’re wondering how it plans on accomplishing such an impossible mission, let us just say this: the Photosmart Premium is going the way of the widget. Up on the 4.33-inch front panel is Touchsmart Web, a touchscreen interface with several bundled, online apps to accommodate usual paper-friendly tasks such as printing Google maps, tickets from Fandango, coupons, recipes, Sudoku, etc. There’s even a full-on HD Apps Studio just in case downloading new apps on one’s printer really becomes the new hotness. The API’s being made open for the entire realm of developers, but we have to wonder what kind of interest we’ll see here. Pricing is set for $399…


HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web is the world’s first Web connected home
printer. Powered by touch and empowered by the Web, this sleek device provides quick,
simple touchscreen access to important, useful and personal online content.(1) With the
largest LCD touchscreen of any all-in-one inkjet printer (4.33-inches), the HP TouchSmart
Web control panel conveniently connects users to the Web via pre-loaded HP apps.
Part of an entirely new Web-based printing platform, these apps enable easy printing of
maps, coupons, movie tickets, recipes and more from partners including Google,
DreamWorks Animation, Fandango and, among others.

Users can also connect to Snapfish and directly from the HP Photosmart Premium with
TouchSmart Web, which saves time and enables customers to archive or print photos
from the site like never before… just touch, print and go. People additionally can
access projects from the HP Creative Studio.

A versatile printing solution with print, fax, copy and scan functionality, the HP
Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web is perfect for multi-tasking households –
meeting all their high-quality home printing needs in one premium product, from laserquality
text to lab-quality photos. With a full range of wired and wireless connectivity
options, this printer provides the freedom and flexibility to print directly from Wi-Fi
enabled PCs, Bluetooth®-enabled devices, the iPhone™ and the iPod touch™ using HP
iPrint Photo. Expected to be available for purchase September 2009 in North America.

Click over to Engadget for a full rundown on the capabilities of the HP Photosmart Premium.

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